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FSCharts.com is a free online database of airport information. Currently FSCharts.com includes data on more than 22,000 airports world wide.

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Hello! My name is Ken Peters, and I am the creator of FSCharts.com. I am 39 years old, and have two young children. I have been a flight simulator fan since I put FS4 on my 286 in the mid (or was it late?) 1980's. Like everyone else in the FS community, I have been very grateful to be able to have access to a wonderful variety of freeware scenery and aircraft addons. FSCharts.com is my attempt to give something back to the community.

The idea of creating FSCharts.com came to me as a result of my activities flying online with VATSIM. When you are flying on-line with VATSIM or IVAO, you never know what runway you will be directed to, and sometimes there isn't much time to hunt for radio frequencies. I found myself writing down ILS frequencies and runway headings before setting out on each flight. So I decided to create a web site with a database of airport data. At first, I planned to present a table of data only. But then I took a look at Ted Wright's NAV source code, and realized that his drawing funtions could be adapted to draw maps on-line using PHP. The result is FSCharts.com.

When I have time, I fly on line on VATSIM, using the call sign CVA487. If you see me out there, don't hesitate to say hello. By the way, CVA stands for Canadian Virtual Airlines. That's the VA I fly for. It's a great VA with a very friendly and active online community. Drop by and check it out at www.canadianva.com

The map coordinate calculation algorithms were adapted from NAV 3.0 by Ted Wright. FSCharts.com uses Thomas Boutrell's GD library to dynamically generate images. Web hosting donated by VanIsle Hosting. FSCharts.com is a PHP/MySql internet application.

Image.php is the script that draws the maps. The source for image.php and the structure of the database is contained in the file FSCharts.zip. The source is being released under the GNU licence.