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If you have a question that is not answered here, please use the contact form to ask me directly. I will add your question to the FAQ.
Question:The information for my airport is incorrect. Can you fix it?
Answer:The data used by FSCharts is extracted from the FS2002 AFD files. It should be as accurate, or as inaccurate, as the FS2002 default scenery. Addon scenery often corrects errors present in the default scenery, but the database used here does not reflect changes made in addon scenery.

Question:The chart shows an ATIS frequency, but my airport doesn't have an ATIS.
Answer:The ATIS frequency show is for the nearest ATIS station. In some cases, that may be very far from the airport show in the chart. Bear that in mind and take the ATIS frequency with a grain of salt.

Question:When I go to the charts, the image is not displayed.
Answer:Charts are displayed in GIF format, which every browser can display. The charts are generated by a GGI script. Some users have reported that some firewall software may block the output from CGI scripts. If this happens to you, you may need to change the settings for your firewall software.

Question:Why is there no outline for islands or land in the charts? Why is there now outline for islands or land in the charts?
Answer:These aren't real charts, just runway maps with some nav aid information. There are many free and commercial sites on the internet that offer real charts.

Question:What do the symbols on the charts mean?
Answer:The red triangles are ILS cones, the blue concentric circles are VORs, the Green dots are NDBs and the grey triangles are GPS waypoints.

Question:What is the 'high contrast' option on the chart page about?
Answer:Some printers don't handle colors very well, resulting in charts that are hard to read. The hight contrast option renders the charts in black and white for maximal printer compatiblity.

Question:I pressed the 'Print view' button, but the map didn't print.
Answer:The print view just removes all the extra stuff from arround the map so that you can print it. You still have to press the print button on your browser to make print the map.