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If you are having trouble logging in, check the list below for possible solutions:

  • Login window doesn't appear. When you click on the login button (or link), a small window should pop up asking you for a user name and password. If it doesn't, and you are using Internet Explorer, try going into internet options then to advanced, and click on restore defaults. Or you may need to reset the security features of Internet Explorer to the default medium setting.

  • If you get an "Authorization Failed" message when you enter your username and password, please make sure you are using the user name and password we sent to you in the registration confirmation message. And make sure both the username and password are in lowercase.

  • If you are using AOL's default browser, you may need to download and install a copy of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer in order to view the site.

  • If you still can't get to the page that asks for your username and password, this may be due to being behind a firewall or a proxy server that prevents access.

  • If you have registered for membership with FSCharts.com but have not received your membership information within a few minutes, please click here. Note that if the email address you supplied when you registered is not valid, you will not be able to recieve your password.

  • As always, if you have questions about this or anything else, you can email us at webmaster@fscharts.com